Imperial County

Department of Social Services

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2995 S. 4th St. 
Ste. 105
El Centro, CA 92243
Ph: 760-337-6800
Fax: 760-337-5716

Annual Report

2005 2006

Supported by Federal, State and local tax dollars, the Imperial County Department of Social Services provides basic sustenance and protection to needy County residents. Budgeted at approximately 50 million dollars, the department has 361 employees and accounts for 30% of the total County budget. The Department has five major divisions:


Public Assistance (760) 337-6800

Staff determines eligibility for cash assistance, food stamps, Medi-Cal and CMSP (County Medical Service Program) under applicable federal and state laws.


Adult Service (760) 336-3945

Provides protective and in-home supportive services for adults.


Children Services (760) 337-7700

Provides protective and placement services to children who are abused, exploited or neglected


CalWORKs (760)353-5900/(760) 339-2759

Helps prepare TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) recipients for job and coordinates programs to assist clients towards self-sufficiency within prescribed time limits under welfare reform.


Administrative/Staff Services

Provides operational support to the other three sections. This includes personnel services, fiscal services, clerical services, training, budget, quality assurance and state hearings.